Plan Your Mixed Metals Wedding

  • Mixed Metals Wedding
    Stun all of your guests with sparkles of gold, silver or copper throughout your wedding celebration! 

    If you're looking for ideas on how to add a little glitz and glam to a traditional wedding theme, you're in the right place. There are plenty of ways to decorate for your big day, but if you're interested in the best of both worlds, a combination of classic and vintage glamour is right up your alley. 

    Whether you create a winter wonderland scene for your guests with pops of silver, or provide the perfect great Gatsby-inspired celebration with elements of black and gold, it's almost impossible to go wrong with metallic accents. You can even turn traditional into trendy by using copper details to create an elegant or vintage vibe on your big day! 

    Radiant Invitations 

    When it comes to telling your guests what kind of theme to expect for your big day, let your invites do the talking!

    Make your invitation pop by embossing gold text over a dark blue or black background, or if you want to give off a more elegant, vintage vibe, use copper or silver text over a blush pink background.

    For more glam invitation inspiration, check out what else the contributors at Brides have to offer! 

    Brilliant Bouquets 

    Make your floral arrangements flicker by surrounding a typical bouquet of pink or white roses with inserts of gold or silver berry sprays! You can also turn your bouquet into a beautiful metallic bundle by wrapping the stems of the flowers with gold, silver, or copper ribbon. 

    Dazzling Decor

    Whether you're using them to display your floral arrangements, or serving Moscow mules from them, copper mugs are the perfect decor for a mixed metals wedding celebration! Polished copper mugs not only add to the elegant and glamorous feel of a metallic wedding theme but they are also fun to drink from (and look at)! 

    See how else Ruffled uses copper mugs to decorate for their metallic and winter weddings! 

    Bedazzled Branch Centerpieces 

    While bouquets can certainly serve as perfect centerpieces for each table at your wedding, there are many other creative ways to glam up your metallic tablescapes. For example, try spray painting ordinary branches gold and setting them in glass vases for your centerpieces like they did at Wedding Bee

    Glistening Cake Creations

    Continue the mixed metal theme when you turn an original cake into a marvelous metallic creation by adding gold, silver or copper ribbon to the base. Really make it pop with some extra piping around the top or even some edible metallic floral accents!  

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