Monster Mayhem Book of Craft Spells

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    It's Monster Mayhem! The ghoulish creatures have escaped and we need your help to get them all back together! Starting on October 13th, all the little frankenstein's and vampires can fly into Pat Catan's and conjure up crafty spells to create (catch) their own mischievous little creatures.

    Kids can pickup a Spellbook filled with each craft and fun activities to track their progress. They'll get a completion sticker each week and once all of the monsters are wrangled up, each kid will be rewarded with a mystical grab bag valued at over $20 with a special reward for parents, too!

    Inside every Spellbook your little crafters will find three monster craft spells to create. Join us on Saturday's from 10 am to 12 pm throughout October to craft the monsters for FREE!

    If you can't join us, don't worry! The monsters will stick around on Sunday, October 28th from 1 pm to 3 pm for a makeup day. Join us and craft all three monster projects on this day!

    Once all three monster spells have been conjured and the Spellbook is full of completion stickers, your little crafter will be given a special grab bag! Each pack will be filled with a giant Dum Dums® Lollipop filled with assorted lollipops, crayons, foam kits, stickers, glow sticks and more!

    Be sure to share your Monster Mayhem Book of Craft Spells experiences with us using #DIYwithCatans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

    For more information, please call or visit the customer service desk of your local Pat Catan's!