Drop-Pull & Pin-Tip Egg Decorating

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Drop-Pull egg designs are one of the easiest techniques of Eastern European folk tradition, and this Easter you can learn how to do it in our classroom! 

Our instructor, Lawrence Kozlowski, will teach you how to use beeswax dots and dashes to create a pattern on your egg, and then dye it to the perfect color. The class will also cover egg blowing, drop-pull strokes, multi layered color and wax removal.

In addition to hands-on help and full color pattern sheets, participants will also get the opportunity to explore folklore and customs. At the end of class, each participant will take home six decorated eggs.

Lawrence is a recognized folk craftsman in both Poland and America, and has received Poland's Oskar Kolberg Folk Art Award and has been named a Master Folk Craftsman by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for his artistic accomplishments. He regularly shares his expertise in workshops, classes and demonstrations in the tristate area. 

All of the supplies you need to decorate your eggs are included in the cost of this class, but participants are asked to bring one dozen white raw eggs. Please sign up for this class at least three days in advance.



For more information, or to sign up for this class, please call or visit the customer service desk at our Monroeville location.

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