Intermediate Acrylic Painting

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Daniel Haislet's Intermediate Acrylic Painting class is perfect for the more advanced artist! He focuses on understanding color in landscapes, preparing canvas, developing elements in landscape art and sharpening current techniques and skills.

Using a limited palette of acrylic artist paints students will complete a 14" x 18" or larger canvas, building their painting from a variety of components including trees, water, sky, rocks and a structure from references of their choosing. In addition to studio time, the first week will concentrate on color mixing and theory, and the history of landscape art.

Week 1: Color theory and mixing, art history and discussion of supplies.
Week 2: Preparing canvas, laying out an image, understanding the elements of a landscape.
Week 3: Continuing understanding of elements, laying in the under painting.
Week 4: Continuation of the development of a painting, group discussion.
Week 5: Continuation of the development of a painting, group discussion.
Week 6: Completion of the painting, group discussion and self critique.

Daniel Haislet is TheLymner. Now living in Cleveland, Ohio, TheLymner has been capturing his subjects on canvas for more than 40 years. While his larger works are executed primarily in acrylic, he equally enjoys doing smaller works in colored pencil and graphite.

Daniel has developed a miniature sketch technique, which he quickly creates with a minimum of lines and shadows. These are done on small pieces of art paper in less than five minutes and are given freely to the sitter.

Under the trade-mark of TheLymner, Daniel is also an itinerant portrait artist, plying his trade at street fairs, frame shops, store openings, parties and other special events. His portraits are not comic caricatures, but a true likenesses of the subject.

Please register for this class at least one day in advance. At least two students must register for the class to be held.


$75 for one six session course.

A list of recommended supplies can be found on Daniel's website.

For more information, or to sign up for this class, please call or visit the customer service desk at your Pat Catan's location.
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