Introduction to Acrylic Painting

Class Description

Join Cleveland area artist, Daniel Haislet, for an introductory course in acrylic landscapes. Daniel begins each class with a short presentation of the history of landscape art throughout the ages, and then the paint comes out!

In this class Daniel shows students how to create an entire range of colors using just the three primary colors, whites and black. Once students have achieved the perfect selection of colors they paint their own distinctive renditions of Daniel’s “The Farm Road”.

"The Farm Road"
Daniel has been painting landscapes and portraits for more than 50 years. When he retired in 2012 he changed pace and decided to concentrate on teaching students to create their own unique art. He encourages each student to put their own personal artistic style on each acrylic painting they complete.

Prior experience or drawing skills are not necessary to participate in this introductory acrylic painting class.

Class fees include everything an artist will need to create “The Farm Road” including:

An 8 x 10 inch presketched canvas
Primary yellow paint
Primary red paint
Primary blue paint
Black paint
White paint
Buff white paint



Blue Flower Tape

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September, 2016

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