Memorial Day Mesh Wreath

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Summer is on its way, so get ready to celebrate its arrival with a brand new mesh wreath that you can use from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Ida Ott has been teaching mesh classes for years, and is ready to share her mesh working experience with you. She will demonstrate the tequniques necessary to create the wreath, and then answer any questions that come up. She will also show you how to decorate your wreath with patriotic embellishments that match the Memorial Day theme.


$15 plus the cost of supplies.

On the day of class please bring:
16" or 18" Wire Wreath Form
21" x 10 yd. Mesh
18, 12" Chenille Stems
3 yds. Wired or Mesh Ribbon

For more information, or to sign up for this class, please call or visit the customer service desk at our Sandusky location.
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