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Join fellow artists for a weekly three-hour painting session at our Cleveland location. You will love interacting and sharing your work and ideas with other like-minded artists, as well as painter Daniel Haislet, who will offer advice and critique as requested.

There is plenty of space to spread out and work with plenty of good lighting. Floor easels and table easels will both be available for participants to use during that time.

Each participant can paint whatever subject or scene strikes them, in their choice of medium. The space even has Wifi access for subject research as needed. Participants will also have access to Daniel's extensive art book and magazine library.

The group will also choose a monthly theme night that can range from portraits, to still life to abstract. Members may choose to participate in plein aire painting sessions accompanying picnics at local outdoor areas of interest and everyone is invited to an annual dinner, art show and charity auction of member's work.

Members do not have to have any previous relationship with Haislet Acrylic Landscape instruction. Guests are always welcome.


$15 for every four sessions. Session credits do not expire. Bring all of your own supplies as needed.

For more information, or to sign up for this class, please call or visit the customer service desk at our Cleveland location.
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September, 2016

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