What You'll Need:

1 yd. Costume Satin Red
4 yd. Pack Red Single Fold Bias Tape
1 Royal Blue T-Shirt
1 Superman or Superhero applique of Choice
Red Stiff Felt Sheet
White Paper Roll (30" x 30") to Make Cape Pattern
Hot Glue
2" Velcro® or Interlock Tape
Fabric Pins


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 50 Minutes

How to Make a Superhero Costume

BAM! Soar to new heights and fight crime during play time with this superhero costume! No hero is complete without his insignia and trusty cape, and with supplies from Pat Catan's, you can create the no-sew Halloween ensemble in no time.
  • 1 Create the cape's pattern

    Use a 30" x 30" square piece of paper and fold it in half to get a center line. Keep the paper folded in half and at one end measure out from the c enter fold line 2 1/4" and mark the top of the cape with a pencil. Draw a straight line from that mark down to the outside bottom corner. Keep the paper folded and cut along the drawn line.

  • 2 Round off the cape

    Round off the bottom corners of the cape by drawing a circular edge using a kitchen plate or bowl to trace around. Cut both corners at the same time by keeping the paper folded on the center line. Round off the 4 1/2" straight edge at the very top of the cape too.

  • 3 Finish the cape's pattern & cut

    Unfold the paper cape. Measure from the very top of the cape about 2" down and trace a 6" - 6 1/2" circle using a bowl or small plate. Make sure the center line is in the middle of this circle. Cut down from the top edge along the center line into the neck circle and then cut out the circle. Round off the corner edges on these two collar straps. Use this paper pattern to pin to satin fabric and cut out the satin cape.

  • 4 Add tape to the cape

    Hot glue single fold bias tape all around the edge of the satin cape by folding the bias tape in half and gluing one half of it onto each side of the cape. This will capture the edge of the cape between the folded tape, only a few inches at a time.

  • 5 Attach Velcro┬«

    Glue on Velcro® strips at each end of the collar straps.

  • 6 Attach the superhero's insginia

    Cut out a stiff felt shape that is 1/2" larger than the outside of the superhero applique and glue the applique to the center of the felt shape. Glue the felt shape onto the upper center of the front of the t-shirt.