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No matter what season of the year, someone you know has a sweet tooth, and what better way to satisfy those cravings than with homemade candy crafts you can make with candy making supplies from Pat Catan’s! When you stop and think about it, the whole year is made for candy lovers and candy making—from Sweetest Day and Valentine’s Day to Halloween, Christmas and Easter. And candy making is so simple with candy making supplies from our stores—simply melt or mix your confections and pour them into candy making molds. Then, viola! You’ve got treats for everyone to eat thanks to Pat Catan's candy making supplies.


Pat Catan’s features candy making supplies like aprons, candy wrappers and sealing bags, candy cups and boxes, paper sticks for lollipops and suckers, dipping tools and squeeze bottles. Our candy making supplies are affordable and easy to use and remarkably successful for turning aspiring confectioners into experts at candy making crafts. Candy making molds come in many varieties—from roses and teddy bears to smiley faces and novelty shapes. And don’t forget our Chocolate Making Kit—92 pieces of candy making equipment that will have both young and old applauding your next delicious creations.

Candy making supplies from Pat Catan’s Pennsylvania and Cleveland area craft supply stores—Life is sweet, so why not share it?


*Bring in any current competitors ad and if, on an identical item, our price is not as low or lower than their advertised price, we will immediately match it! Quantities limited to stock on-hand. Selection varies by store location. Shop early for best selection. Infrequently errors occur in print or product renditions. Management reserves the right to resolve discrepancies at store level.

Candy Making Kits

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