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Dolls add warmth and comfort to many home settings, and little girls love them as play pals! Pat Catan’s helps creative crafters to create wonderful characters to adorn your shelves, beds, cabinets and furniture with our outstanding doll making supplies and doll parts. Our doll making section at every Pat Catan craft location can also assist ambitious crafters in their production of dolls for sale at fairs, art marts, craft bazaars and shows.

Doll making has come along way since the days when a piece of wood was carved and dressed in rags to serve as a plaything.


Today, though you can still purchase wooden doll heads to paint and design, we also offer plastic doll bodies and doll parts, including doll faces and doll hair—even doll eyelashes. Our doll making supplies don’t stop there, however—you’ll also find doll parts like doll shoes, doll hats, doll glasses, even doll furniture. We also carry dolls picks and doll stands for displaying your creations for visitors and shoppers to see. And doll making supplies at Pat Catan’s aren’t limited to the traditional craft dolls—we feature angel wings in many materials, Santa and Mrs. Claus doll parts, African American and Native American dolls, and clown heads and Halloween doll heads for unusual doll creations.

For doll making supplies and doll parts—whether for your child or home décor or for sale to craft enthusiasts—trust the over 20 Pat Catans’ locations for doll making essentials and a whole lot more.


*Bring in any current competitors ad and if, on an identical item, our price is not as low or lower than their advertised price, we will immediately match it! Quantities limited to stock on-hand. Selection varies by store location. Shop early for best selection. Infrequently errors occur in print or product renditions. Management reserves the right to resolve discrepancies at store level.

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