Five Fun Facts About Goblies®!

  • Goblies
    Goblies® have arrived at your local Pat Catan's! Check out five colorful facts about the perfect kid-friendly and gooey summertime activity below!


    1. What are Goblies®?

    Goblies are washable, throwable paintballs and play paint!

    The Goblies paintballs are kid-friendly fun like water balloons and create a colorful splatter just like a paintball. Goblies are created out of organic materials and are filled with colorful, goopy goo and are mom approved, too! Goblies paintballs are kid approved for ages 6 and up.

    Paintballs aren't your only option! Goblies Play Paint is great for Goblie-friendly water guns that are also available for purchase at Pat Catan's! Play with your friends or aim at targets. Either way, Goblies can easily be rinsed off with soap and water. Goblies play paint is kid approved for ages 4 and up.

    2. Who created Goblies®?

    Goblies were created by college student Briana Gardell while at Lehigh University. During an assignment in one of her mechanical courses, she tried to make an egg out of soap and the yolk inspired the first throwable paintball!

    Briana also created the prototype for Goblies at the university and formed her own company, Mezzimatic LLC, after graduation. She then launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring Goblies to consumers everywhere and the DIY project was successfully funded in July 2015!

    The Goblies phenomenon soon spread to toy fairs, museums, colleges and your local Pat Catan's!

    3. Are Goblies® safe and clean?

    Goblies are 100% bio-based and are created out of food based colorful goo. The best part? They are completely safe and clean!

    Goblies may be a bright goo but they are specially designed to rinse off with soap and water and will not dry. Simply wash any clothes that were a part of your paintball war with ordinary detergent and voila, no stains!

    4. How can I play with Goblies®?

    Goblies are perfect for backyard battles, birthday parties, fundraisers and more!

    Try an art project with canvases from Pat Catan's, too! Grab a canvas and spray Goblies paint all over to create your own outdoor masterpiece. Pick up a fixative in our art department to secure the paint to your canvas.

    5. Where can I find Goblies®?

    Goblies are available now at all Pat Catan's! Visit your local store for a variety of different paintball and play paint colors and squirt guns!