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  • The Teal Pumpkin Project

    The Teal Pumpkin Project Curious about the teal pumpkins you've seen in stores? The Food Allergy Research and Education Organization, FARE, launched The Teal Pumpkin Project® in hopes to create a safe, Happy Halloween for kids who cannot participate in trick-or-treating due to food allergies. Learn more about the project here! Read More »
  • Brush Up on Your Flag Etiquette Basics

    Brush Up on You Flag Etiquette Basics A Patriotic Celebration is the perfect time for a basic brush up on flag protocol, and these rules and traditions a helpful to everyone who displays the American flag at home. Read more and learn about flag etiquette including proper storage and handling, plus when and how to fly your flag. Read More »
  • 15 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas We Love

    15 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas We Love These DIY gift wrapping ideas are almost too cute to tear into – almost! See our 15 favorite DIY gift wrap techniques and embellishments and pick out your favorites to wrap your presents up in style this holiday season. Read More »
  • Craft It for Less Than $20

    Craft It for Less Than $20 Craft it for less than $20! Check out our list of trendy DIY projects that are affordable, fun and would be a great addition to any space. Read our blog and let's get crafting!  Read More »