The Wilton Method®: Course 4: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers

Class Descripton

In four two-hour sessions you will learn how to create realistic, wedding-cake-worthy gum paste flowers like Gerbera daisies and stargazer lilies.

Lesson 1

Discover new ways to express your creativity using gum paste to shape, mold, and detail life-life flowers. Start by refreshing your knowledge of gum paste fundamentals including storing, tinting, and working with gum paste. Since the focus of this course is the creation of wired flowers, your Wilton instructor will show you how to use florist wire and tape to create flower and leaf stems. Your flower making will then start with the introduction of the classic, gum paste blossom, featuring the use of an ejector cutter and impression mold to cut and form this tiny flower. Move on to the Gerbera Daisy, with its molded center and layers of petals. Finally, finish the lesson by preparing a wired sweet pea center, to be completed in a later lesson.

Lesson 2

Two classic leaves and two beautiful flowers add up to one exciting lesson! Learn to make ivy and lily leaves using an impression mat to imprint vein details. With the briar rose you will learn how to assemble detailed stamens, cut and shape the petals and calyx, and assemble the flower on a wire. All key skills for gum paste flower making. Then you’ll begin the process of learning one of the most impressive gum paste flowers, the Stargazer lily. With this classic flower you will learn how to cut, wire, and shape individual petals, that will be assembled into the flower in Lesson 4.

Lesson 3

Class starts with the stephanotis, a tiny, star-shaped flower that is ideal for bouquets and borders. With its pointed bud and raised petals, it will expand your skills for fine, subtle details. You’ll also complete the sweet pea, using the pre-prepared center from Lesson 1. Finally, add some colorful finishing touches for your flowers, as your Wilton instructor shows you how to use Color Dust highlights on petals and leaves.

Lesson 4

Your flowers are almost ready to place on a cake! Start by adding the finishing touches with Color Dust to your stephanotis and sweet pea flowers. In addition, you’ll also learn how to detail your Stargazer lily petals, and assemble them with the leaves and stamens to create an amazingly life like flower. Combine your blossom stems and wire them together to create a sweet bouquet. Then learn how to build additional arrangements with the larger flowers and leaves you made. To round out your floral decorating skills, your instructor will show you how to use flower spikes to arrange and place your flowers on the cake. Leave class knowing that you have all the essential skills to create a garden full of beautiful gum paste flowers.


$20 for one four session course, plus the cost of supplies.

Please register for this class at least 24 hours before the first class session at the beginning of the month. For more information, a supply list or to sign up for this class, please call or visit the customer service desk at your Pat Catan's location.  

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