Candy Corn Cake Pop Display

Candy Corn Cake Pop Display

What You'll Need:

Cake Mix
Food Coloring
Tin Pail
Floral Foam
Marabou Boa
Hot Glue
Push Pop Containers

Courtesy of Crystal from a Pumpkin and a Princess
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Candy Corn Push Pop Display

Create a sweet treat for your next Halloween themed party! This spooky black display filled with candy corn colored push pops, made with your favorite cake recipe, is sure to be a hit. Just make sure to control your sweet tooth – if you add too much frosting to the top of the pop, it will be messy to transport!
  • 1 Prepare your cake batter Prepare you cake batter

    Prepare any white cake mix or white cake recipe and divide the batter in half. Using the food coloring, dye half of the batter orange and the other half yellow.

  • 2 Bake your cake

    Bake the cake as instructed in 2 prepared 8” or 9”pans. Remember, the bigger the pan, the thinner the cake layers will be. Once baked, allow the cake to cool completely or it may crumble in the following steps.

  • 3 Fit foam into the pail Fit foam into pail

    While the cake is baking, start creating the Halloween cupcakes display by cutting a piece of floral foam to fit in the tin pail. Insert it into the pail. Then, use hot glue to securely wrap the marabou boa around the bottom half of the pail.

  • 4 Layer cake & frosting Layer cake and frosting

    Use ribbon to tie a bow on the base of a push pop container. Using the push pop container cut a circle out of the orange cake and press it down to the bottom of the container. Add a layer of frosting, and then add another cake layer with yellow cake. Top with frosting and decorate. Repeat for each push pop container.

  • 5 Arrange the push pops Arrange the push pops

    Arrange the finished push pop containers in the floral foam. Finish hot gluing the marabou boa to the top half of the pail, using it to cover the floral foam.