Chocolate Christmas Tree Pretzel Cupcakes

Chocolate Christmas Tree Pretzel Cupcakes

What You'll Need:

Chocolate Cake Mix, plus Ingredients Listed on Box
Make'n Mold® Candy Wafers-Green
Wilton® Rainbow Nonpareils
Choco Maker® Sugar Shapes- Silver Stars
Stick Pretzels
Make'n Mold® Small Squeeze Bottle
Wax paper
Powdered Sugar- 2 lbs
Butter- 1 cup
Vanilla Extract- 1 tsp
Milk- 3 tbls (Approx)
Polka Dot Cupcake Liners

Courtesy of L-Eats Sweet Treats
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make Chocolate Christmas Tree Pretzel Cupcakes

You'll be a hit at your next holiday party with these Chocolate Christmas Tree Pretzel Cupcakes! Follow these instructions to create this festive dessert.

  • 1 Prepare Cupcakes

    Prepare cupcakes as directed on box, cool completely.

  • 2 Prepare Icing

    Prepare icing (mix all ingredients except milk, slowly add the milk to reach desired consistency)

  • 3 Melt Chocolates

    Melt chocolates in squeeze bottle.

  • 4 Place Pretzel Sticks and Squeeze Chocolate

    Place preztel sticks on wax paper. Squeeze chocolate in a back and forth motion from top to bottom over pretzel stick making larger as you go down (leave space at bottom of stick to place into cupcake later).

  • 5 Sprinkle Nonpareils & place Silver Star

    Immediately sprinkle nonpareils on tree and place silver star at top, allow chocolate to cool and harden.

  • 6 Ice Cupcake

    Using spatula, ice the top of cupcake and cover with coconut to resemble snow.

  • 7 Place Chocolate Tree

    Place chocolate tree in the center of your snow covered cupcake.