Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stick Snowmen

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stick Snowmen

What You'll Need:

Pretzel Sticks
Make n' Mold® Candy Wafers- Milk Chocolate & White
Wilton® Orange Food Color
Wilton® Snowflake Candies
Wax Paper
Snack-Size Ziploc® bags

Courtesy of L-Eats Sweet Treats
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes + Dry Time

How to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stick Snowmen

Take a bite out of this frosty winter with these adorable Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stick Snowmen! Melt & dip chocolote and add pretzel sticks to create this simple but delicious dessert. Plus, all supplies can be found at your local Pat Catan's!
  • 1 Melt chocolate

    Melt chocolate wafers-color small amount orange

  • 2 Dip pretzel sticks in white chocolate

    Dip 3/4 of 6 sticks (per snowman) in white chocolate and lay against one another on wax paper, cool and harden completely.

  • 3 Dip pretzel sticks in milk chocolate

    Dip other end of sticks in milk chocolate (as a whole).

  • 4 Create snowman's hat

    Dip a single pretzel in milk chocolate and lay across where both meet for brim of hat, cool and harden completely.

  • 5 Create frosting

    Place orange and milk chocolate in baggies and cut tip off.

  • 6 Create snowman's nose

    Squeeze orange on wax paper for carrot noses, cool and harden completely.

  • 7 Add nose

    Use melted cholcate as glue to attach nose.

  • 8 Create snowman's face

    Squeeze milk chocolate from baggie for eyes and mouth and as a glue to attach snowflake candy on hat, cool completely.