Flower Pot Cupcake Bouquet

Flower Pot Cupcake Bouquet

What You'll Need:

Flower Pot
Styrofoam Ball (size to set down in pot about half way)
Toothpicks/ skewers
Cupcake Pan
Cupcake Paper Liners
Icing Bags
Witlon® tip #21
Wilton® Tip #352
Food Coloing: Green, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue
Box Cake Mix (ingredients to prepare)
Powdered Sugar - 2lbs
Butter - 1 cup
Vanilla - 1 tsp
Milk - ¼ cup

Courtesy of L Eats Sweet Treats
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hours

How to Make Flower Pot Cupcake Bouquet

Give a bouquet of flowers a whole new meaning with the help of delicious cupcakes! Not only can you pick your favorite cake flavor, also decorate them with any color icing you would like and enjoy.
  • 1 Prepare cupcakes

    Prepare cupcakes as directed on box - cool completely.

  • 2 Prepare icing

    Prepare icing. Mix butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. Add milk slowly till you reach desired consistency.

  • 3 Color icing

    Color icing in the five shades and fill bags.

  • 4 Place styrofoam ball in pot

    Cut styrofoam ball in half, placce into flower pot.

  • 5 Attach cupcakes to pot

    Use tooth picks or skewers (2-3 per cupcake) to poke into styrofoam ball and attach cupcake. (Make sure toothpick goes through the cupcake at least half way)

  • 6 Alternate colors

    Alternate colors of icing bags (except green) for piping top of cupcakes using tip #21.

  • 7 Pipe leaves on cupcakes

    Using green icing and tip #352, pipe leaves on each of the flower cupcakes.