Love Bug Cookies

Love Bug Cookies

What You'll Need:

Oreo Cookies
Milk Chocolate (red & milk chocolate)
Wilton® Candy Eyes
Wilton® Heart Shaped Sprinkles
Valentine Ribbon
Wilton® Decorating Bag Tips & Couplers
Wax Paper

Courtesty of L-Eats Sweet Treats
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hours

How to Make Love Bug Cookies

Surprise your Valentine this year with your creative kitchen skills. With the help of oreos, Wilton® baking supplies and melted chocolate, you will have your own Love Bug Cookies to enjoy!
  • 1 Melt Chocolates

    Melt milk and red chocolates.

  • 2 Dip cookie in chocolate

    Dip cookie into milk chocolate, place on wax paper and then fridge to set. 

  • 3 Dip in red chocolate

    Dip cookie halfway into red chocolate. While still wet, place a few heart shaped sprinkles on red chocolate. Place in fridge to set.

  • 4 Fill bag with chocolate

    Assemble decorating bag will #1 tip and fill with melted milk chocolate. 

  • 5 Add dots to cookie

    Drawn stripe down the middle of the red chocolate and make lady bug dots on both sides of stripes. 

  • 6 Add candy eyes

    Place a dot of chocolate on backside of two candy eyes and place together just above where red chocolate ends. Let the chocolate set. 

  • 7 Place in treat bags

    Place cookies in treat bag and tie with Valentine ribbon.