Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes

What You/ll Need:

Chocolate Cake Mix, Plus Ingredients Listed on Box
Wilton® Food Coloring - Black, Brown, Red, Orange and Yellow
Wilton® Tips 2A, 102
Icing Bags
Powdered Sugar - 2 lbs
Butter - 1 Cup
Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp
Milk- 3 tbls (Approx)
Black Cupcake Liners

Courtesy of L-Eats Sweet Treats
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time:

How to Make Turkey Cupcakes

Gobble up these delicious Turkey Cupcakes! This tasty treat won't be the only turkey on your table come Thanksgiving.
  • 1 Prepare cupcakes

    Prepare cupcakes as directed on box, cool completely.

  • 2 Prepare icing

    Prepare icing (mix all ingredients except milk, slowly add the milk to reach desired consistency), color black, red, orange, and yellow, leave some white.

  • 3 Pipe on feathers

    Using tip #102 pipe cupcake with back and forth strokes to resemble feathers in an upside down "U" shape, with yellow, orange, and red.

  • 4 Pipe the body

    Using tip 2A, pipe the body of the turkey.

  • 5 Add the details

    Use tipless icing bags for the small details of the beak, snood, and eyes.