Ballerina Fairy

Ballerina Fairy

What You'll Need:

2 yds. Tulle Sachet Pink (Or Color of Choice)
1 yd. of 3/4" White Braided Elastic
Pink T-Shirt (Or Color of Choice)
Foam Tiara
Foam Wand
Princess Wings
Stick on Gems
X-Acto® Knife
Cutting Matt
Hot Glue Gun
or Sewing Machine with White Thread

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes

How to Make a No-Sew Ballerina Fairy Costume

Play make believe and travel to a faraway land as a Ballerina Fairy! Create this no-sew costume using a bright pink t-shirt and tulle, a pair of wings and a magical wand. Top off her adorable ensemble with a bedazzled tiara, too! This costume is fit for any little ballerina in your life and is perfect for Halloween, playtime and more.
  • 1 Measure & create wasitband

    Use elastic to measure the child's waist size. Do not stretch the elastic while measuring. Add an extra inch to allow for glue or stitch together with a 1/2" overlap seam.

  • 2 Cut tulle

    Cut 6" x 3" strips of tulle.

    Example: For a 24" waistband, you will need 96 strips of tulle.

    TIP: You can save time by cutting through 4-6 layers of tulle at once. Fold in half while cutting the strips.

  • 3 Attach the tulle to the waistband

    Slide the elastic waistband around the back of a chair or a piece of cardboard to hold the waistband in place while tying on the strips of tulle.

  • 4 Create the tutu skirt

    Tie 4 layers on at a time by folding them in half. Place the center folded loop downward behind the elastic waistband, hold in place and pull all 8 of the tulle ends over the elastic and through the center hoop. Pull down on all the ends to create a knot right on the waistband. Continue tying on layered strips all around the waistband to complete the tutu skirt.

  • 5 Attach gems

    Attach the stick-on gems to the foam tiara and wand.