Flower Power Dog

Flower Power Dog

What You'll Need:

2 yds. Matte Tulle- Lime Punch
1 yd. Orange Pearlized Crink Organza
3 Sheets of Orange Stiff Felt
1 Sheet of Kelly Green Soft Felt or Lime Green
3/4" Black Braided Elastic
Fabric Pins
Flower Patterns
Hot Glue & Glue Gun

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 60 Minutes

How to Make a Flower Power Dog Costume

Dress up your furry friend with this Flower Power costume! Create this adorable costume out of felt and tulle and once complete you'll have the perfect Halloween outfit for your favorite pup!

You can find the flower pattern for the costume right here!
  • 1 Measure & create the waistband

    Use 3/4" elastic to measure around the dogs waist or around the stomach area. Do not stretch the elastic while measuring. Add an extra inch to allow for the 1/2" overlapping glue seam. Cut the elastic and glue or sew together 1/2" in at both ends to make a waistband.\

    TIP: For every inch on the waistband you will need four 5" wide strips of tulle. For example, for a 15" waistband you will need sixty 5" strips of tulle.

  • 2 Cut strips of tulle

    Next, measure the distance from the underside of the dog's stomach to the floor to determine the length to cut the 5" wide tulle strips for the skirt. For example, if the dog's stomach is 8" above the floor, double that number to 16" and then subtract 2" to get a length of 14" long strips.

    TIP: Layer the fabrtic to cut 4-6 strips at the same time.

  • 3 Attach the tulle

    Slide the elastic waistband around a piece of cardboard or foam core board cut to fit under the elastic and hold it in place while pushing all eight of the tulle ends over the front of the elastic and then through the loop. Pull down on all the ends to create a knot on the waistband. Continue tying on 4 layered strips at a time, going all around the waistband.

  • 4 Create the headband

    Next, use the elastic, un-stretched, to measure aroudn the dog's neck and add 1" for the 1/2" overlapping glue seam. Cut the elastic and glue or sew together 1/2" in at both ends to make the band for the flower petal collar.

  • 5 Cut out the flower petals

    Pin the flower petal pattern onto the stiff orange flet and the orange Organza fabric to cut out 5-7 petals, depending on the size of the dog's neck. Use the hot glue all around the edges of the felt petals to stick the cut Organza petals right on top of them.

  • 6 Attach the petals

    Hot glue the flower petals onto the elastic collar band by pinching the center of the flat bottom edge of each petal and gluing only on each side of the pinched center. This will allow the collar to stretch more easily.

  • 7 Create the green leaves

    Pin the leaf pattern to the green felt, cut one out for each petal and glue one onto the base of each pinched petal.