Mummy Costume

Mummy Costume

What You'll Need:

2 yds. Cream-Holey Knit
1 yd. 3/4" White Elastic
1 White T-Shirt for Mummy
1 Pair of Pants
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric Pins

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 90 Minutes

How to Make a Mummy Costume

The undead have arrived in time for Halloween and you can get wrapped up in a Mummy costume! Create tattered pants, a tunic and hat for your little one as they mummy walk on a trick-or-treating night out.

You can find the Mummy costume pants, tunic and hat templates right here!
  • 1 Create the Mummy's pants

    1. Fold the child's pants in half at the center of the waist and pull out the crotch seam so they lay completely flat lengthwise from waist to ankle. Lay them on top of the pattern with the outside edge of the leg seam lining up with the straight edge of the pattern. Trace around this "half of pants" outline while adding 1" in width to the inseam of the leg, crotch and the center seam up to the waistband. Also, add 2" above the waistband to finish making the pants pattern. Cut out this "half of pants" paper pattern.

    2. Fold the cream holy knit fabric inside out at one end of the yard.

    3. Align the pattern on top of the folded fabric edge with the straight leg edge and pin the paper onto the fabric to secure. Cut out the inseam edge, the ankle edge and the waistband edge, leaving the folded outside edge uncut and folded.

    4. Repeat step 3 with another inside out folded piece of fabric for the other half of the pants.

    5. Glue the inseam of each pant leg.

    6. Turn one pant leg right side out. Slide the right side out leg down into the other leg so that the right sides of the fabric are touching.

    7. Match up the inseams and glue along the entire crotch length to form a U-shaped seam. Pull the legs apart and turn them right side out.

    8. Fold the waist under to the inside about 1.5" and glue along the edge. Leave a small opening to slide the elastic through.

    9. Cut a strip of elastic to the proper length for the child's waist size (Do not stretch) and add a 1" overlapping seam and feed the elastic through the opening. Glue the ends of the elastic with a 1/2" overlapping seam. Glue the opening closed.

    10. Cut a jagged edge at the bottom of each pant leg.

  • 2 Create the tattered tunic

    1. Fold 1 yd of the cream holey knit fabic inside out. Lay the pattern on top of the folded fabric with the shoulders and neck of the t-shirt laying right on the folded edge and with one side of the shirt laying 2" from the open edge of the layered fabric. Measure 2" out away from the other side of the t-shirt and cut in a straight line from the bottom edge up to the folded top of the tunic.

    2. Put a tiny pencil mark on both of the open sides about 8" below the folded top edge. Fold back a top layer at the open side edge and run a line of hot glue on the right side of the fabric down from the pencil mark to the bottom edge of the tunic. Repeat this step on the other side.

    3. Cut a neck hole that matches the t-shirt hole right at the center of the top folded edge.

    4. Turn the tunic right-side out. Along the bottom edge, cut 3" - 4" long upward cuts to make a tattered and jagged edge.

  • 3 Create the tattered hat

    1. Use the cream holey knit fabric and cut out the pattern.

    2. Cut the long tattered bottom edges.

    3. Pin and then glue them together inside out, with all 4 top points touching at the top center.

  • 4 Create the tattered sleeves

    1. Use the provided pattern and cut 2 pieces of the cream holey knit fabric that are the measured length by 9" wide.

    2. Fold in half to be 4.5" wide with the right side out and ping along the fold to hold in place while gluing.

    3. Measure around the thickest part of the child's lower arm just below the elbow and divide that number in half to determine the distance from the pinned folded edge. Run a glue line along the length of the sleeve.

    4. Flip the top layer back and make a few marks with a pencil along the pinned fold for the fringe.

    5. Glue a line along the marks and flip the top layer of the fabric back, pressing the 2 layers together on the glue line. After the glue cools, cut along the tattered fringe on the open layered edge just below the glue line.