What You'll Need:

1 Yd, Each:
  -Glitter Tulle Fuchsia
  -Lime Punch
  -Blue Radiance
  -Shiny Tulle Snap Dragon
White T-Shirt
Long White Craft Fur
2 mm. 9" x 12" Sheet White Glitter Foam
Darice® White Trims White Cord Trim
9" x 12" Soft White Felt
9" x 12" Soft Pink Felt
White Plastic Headband
Felt Sticker Flowers
Cutting Matt
Hot Glue Gun

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 60 Minutes

How to Make a Unicorn Costume

Bring the world of make believe to life with your own Unicorn costume! Create this adorably majestic costume out of colorful tulle, felt and fur. Once complete, your little one will have a magical outfit for Halloween, parties and more!

You can find the template for the Unicorn costume right here!
  • 1 Measure & create the waistband

    Use elastic to measure the child's waist size. Do not stretch the elastic while measuring. Add an extra inch to allow for the glue to have a 1/2" overlap seam. Cut the elastic and glue together 1/2" in at both ends to make a waistband.

  • 2 Cut strips of tulle

    Cut 6" x 30" strips of tulle. For example, a 24" waistband will need 100 strips, 20 of each color.

    TIP: Layer the fabric to cut 4-6 strips at a time.

  • 3 Attach the tulle

    Slide the elastic waistband around the back of a chair or a piece of cardboard to hold it in place while tying on the strips of tulle.

  • 4 Tie the tulle

    Tie 5 layers of one color on at a time by folding them in half.

  • 5 Create the skirt

    Place the center folded loop downward behind the elastic waistband, hold in place and pull all 10 of the tulle ends over the elastic and through the center loop. Pull down on all ends to create a knot right on the waistband. Continuing tying on 5-layered strips of one color, alternating around the waistband to complete the rainbow tutu skirt.

  • 6 Cut out the horn, head & ear pieces

    Cut out the white glitter foam Unicorn horn, the white and pink felt ear pieces, the white felt for the headband and the fur pieces.

  • 7 Create the horn

    Glue the horn together at the back seam. Glue the cord trim in a spiral pattern from base to point of horn. Glue the pink felt inside of the white felt ears.

  • 8 Complete the headband

    Glue the felt cover onto the headband. Glue the horn onto the center of the felt covered headband. Glue the ears and hairpieces onto the headband. Glue 3 flower stickers to the front base of the horn.