What You'll Need:

2 yds. Black Flocked Web w/Orange Duccos
1 yd. Orange Glitter Spider Black Mesh
1/2 yd. Flock Satin Spider Web Black
1 yd. 3/4" Black Braided Elastic
Black T-Shirt
Cutting Mat
24" - 36" Ruler
Hot Glue Gun
12" x 12" Black Cardstock

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 60 Minutes

How to Make a Witch Costume

Trick or treat! Celebrate the season and create this not so wicked no-sew Witch costume! Your little witch won't look spooky in the festive printed skirt and pointy hat while she's out and about on Halloween or at a school party.

You can find the Witch hat template right here!
  • 1 Measure & create the waistband

    Use elastic to measure the child's waist size. Do not stretch the elastic while measuring around the waist. Add an extra inch to allow for the 1/2" overlap seam. Cut the elastic and glue or sew together 1/2" in at both ends to make a waistband.

  • 2 Note: If making the skirt floor length

    If you are making the skirt floor length, measure the distance from the height of the child's waistband to the floor. Double that number and add 2" for the knot to get the correct length.

  • 3 Cut the fabric

    Cut 6" wide strips to the appropriate length determined in step #2.

    Example: For a 24" waistband, you will need 12 black flocked web strips and 6 orange glitter spider strips.

    TIP: Cut through 2-4 layers of pinned together fabric at once to save some time.


  • 4 Prepare the waistband for tying

    Slide the elastic waistband around the back of a chair or a piece of cardboard to hold it in place while tying on the cut fabric strips.

  • 5 Attach the strips to the waistband

    Take one strip and fold it in half. Push the center folded loop downward behind the elastic band and hold in place. Pull both ends of the strip over the front of the elastic and through the center loop. Pull down to create a knot right onto the waistband. Continue attaching each strip of fabric-alternate 2 black flocked web strips, then 1 orange glitter spider strip all the way around the waistband until the skirt is finished.

  • 6 Create the witch's hat

    Cut out the witches hat using the pattern.

  • 7 Create the hat's brim

    Cut out a black cardstock hat brim. Glue a flocked satin web hat brim piece onto the cardstock.

  • 8 Glue the hat together

    Glue the point shaped part of the hat together at its back seam.

  • 9 Complete the hat

    Glue the hat to the brim by bending the row of tabs at the bottom all around the underside hole on the cardstock brim. Glue the other flocked hat brim piece to the underside of the cardstock brim to cover up the tabs.

  • 10 Create the hatband

    Tie on a 4" wide folded hatband of orange spider fabric.