DIY Mesh Peacock Decoration

DIY Mesh Peacock Decoration

What You'll Need:

Candy Cane Wire Frame
Tree Wire Frame
Roll 6" Lime Deco Mesh
Roll 21" Turquoise Deco Mesh
Roll 21" Royal Deco Mesh
Roll 21" Purple Deco Mesh
Royal Chenille Stems
5.9" Foam Cone
Black Acrylic Paint
3/4" Black Oval Top Hat
2 Glittered Peacock Sprays
15" White Mesh
15" Black Mesh
18 Gauge Wire
24 Gauge Wire
Strong Wire Cutters
Yardstick or Measuring Tape

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a DIY Mesh Peacock Decoration

With a little creativity, you can craft a colorful DIY Mesh Peacock Decoration for your wall! Although a candy cane and tree wire shape seem like a strange combination, when you put them together you get the perfect form for a peacock. Then, add some bold royal, lime, turquoise and purple mesh to finish off your beautiful bird.
  • 1 Cut first section of candy cane

    Using wire cutters, cut the first section of the candy cane off, where the tag is attached. 

  • 2 Attach tree and candy cane forms

    Attach the tree form to the bottom of the candy cane form at an angle. Use 18 gauge wire to secure.

  • 3 Cut mesh

    Cut 10 pieces each of 14" lime mesh, 10" turquoise mesh, 10" royal mesh and 20" purple mesh. 

  • 4 Form tail feather

    Fold a length of lime mesh into a ball. Roll a length of turquoise diagonally and wrap it around the lime, forming a teardrop shape. Keep it tight enough so the lime stays in the middle without being attached. Roll the purple diagonally and wrap it around the royal. Secure the 3 teardrop layers together with a chenille stem.

  • 5 Attach tail feathers

    Continue creating tail feathers until you have 10. Then, begin attaching them to the wide end of the tree form, working upwards. If they continue to pop up or most sideways, place them where you want them and run a piece of 24 gauge wire through the back.

  • 6 Attach mesh on head & neck

    Attach the lime mesh around the neck and royal mesh around the head. Bunch up about 8" of mesh for every 4" of frame. Leave 4' to 5' extra mesh in each color to blend on the neck.

  • 7 Add eye

    Wrap white mesh around the hat, leaving the black top showing. Overlap some of the mesh under the hat and run a chenille stem through it, then attach it to the top of the candy cane frame. Nestle the hat in between the royal mesh.

  • 8 Attach beak

    Paint the foam cone with black paint and wrap a piece of black mesh around it. String a chenille stem through the mesh that overlaps the wide end of the cone. Attach the beak to the front of the head.

  • 9 Attach picks

    Attach the two peacock picks to the top of the candy cane wreath form.