Family Tree Canvas

Family Tree Canvas

What You'll Need:

24 x 36 Canvas
Black Foam Core Sheet- 3/8 Inch
Tree Template
Hot Glue (Larger Gun)
Acrylic Paint of Choice
Paint Brushes
E-6000® Adhesive or Alternative
Photo Frames (6)
Family Stencil
Paper Leaves
Stencil Brush
Sisal Coated Wire
Wire Cutters
X-ACTO® Knife
Marker or Pencil

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Family Tree Canvas

Celebrate family this holiday season and create a Family Tree Canvas! Decorate and paint an intricately detailed tree, attach the photo frames, add your family pictures and then proudly display your family history in a favorite gathering place.
  • 1 Paint the canvas

    Paint the canvas. Allow to dry.

  • 2 Cut out the tree

    Using the template, carefully cut out the tree from the foam core.

    Note: Print the template onto six separate 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Tape the sheets together, cut out the tree and then trace the tree onto the foam core.

  • 3 Paint the tree

    Paint the tree base parts using a dry brush technique. Use more than one color to achieve a natural look. Allow to dry.

  • 4 Attach the tree

    Note: Make sure to work quickly on this step. Use the larger glue gun and have extra glue sticks ready.

    Apply the E-6000® or alternative adhesive to the back of the main tree. While working quickly, apply the hot glue out and around the adhesive (not too close to the edge) while trying to hit all of the branches. Flip it over onto the canvas and apply a bit of pressure. The hot glue will hold it quickly to the canvas while the adhesive dries.

  • 5 Cut out & attach the branches

    Using the template, cut out the branches from the foam. Hot glue the remaining branches to the tree.

  • 6 Use the stencil

    Stencil "family" near the base of the tree.

  • 7 Attach the leaves

    Apply a few leaves to the three.

  • 8 Attach wire to the frames

    Cut six 1.5" pieces of the wire, fold in half and hot glue the two ends to the back of each frame.

  • 9 Attach the frames

    Position your wire to fit on the top of a branch so each frame can be attached to the tree.