Simple Polymer Clay Cane

Simple Polymer Clay Cane

What You'll Need:

3 Colors FIMO Soft
Cutting Tool

Courtesy of STAEDTLER North America
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Simple Polymer Clay Cane

Flat sheets, jelly rolls, snake or snakes wrapped in sheets can all be layered together to form complex patterns in the form of a cane. These canes can be reduced by rolling and stretching, and then the slices of the pattern can be cut off and used to decorate notebooks, pencil cups, picture frames or even pierced to use as beads.
  • 1 Layer 3 sheets of clay Layer 3 sheets of clay

    A simple can can be started by layering flat sheets of 3 different colors on top of each other. Use a dark, light and medium value color in order to achieve visual contrast. Press or bayer the layers together to reduce air pockets.

  • 2 Form a jellyroll on ends Form a jellyroll on ends

    Pinch the edges together on opposite ends of the layered sheet. Roll the edges of the 3 layered sheet up towards each other to form a jellyroll on each of the ends.

  • 3 Roll into heart shape Roll into heart shape

    Roll a 1/8" to 1/4" diameter snake of clay out of 1 of the 2 colors that is not on top of the stack. Place the snake in between the 2 jellyrolls and finish rolling the 2 so that they touch and a heart shape can be seen. Roll a thin snake of clay and play it into the indentation at the top of the heart.

  • 4 Reduce or stretch Reduce or stretch

    Another thin layer of color can be wrapped around the outside of the cane for an added border. The heart shaped cane can be reduced by pressing it into a triangular shape and then the shape can be pulled gently to stretch the entire design. Once the can has been stretched to a little over 6" long, trim off the ends with a cutting tool and cut the cane into 6 even pieces of 1" each.

  • 5 Construct a flower Construct a flower

    Turn all the heart shaped pieces so that the point faces inwards, and assemble them to form a flower shape. Another slim snake of a contrasting color can be added into the center as the pieces are assembled. The newly formed cane can be reduced in a similar manner to rolling a snake.

  • 6 Bake pieces

    When the cane pieces are cut into the desired shape and size, bake according to package instructions.