Spring Pinwheel Bouquets

What You'll Need:

Pinwheel Punch Board
Double-Sided 12" Scrapbook Paper
Acetate Sheets
Pinwheel Attachments
Assorted Embellishments

Courtesy of Pat Catan's
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Paper Pinwheel

Looking for a cute and colorful way to celebrate spring? These adorable paper or acetate pinwheels are the perfect home decor project, table centerpiece or party decoration. Use these pinwheels to coordinate with the theme of your baby showers, picnics, Easter parties and more. 
  • 1 Cut your scrapbook paper Cut Your Scrapbook Paper

    To begin, your paper must be cut according to the sizes indicated on the punch board. I am doing a 6 inch pinwheel; therefore I cut my paper to 6 x 6 inch in size. You can make anywhere from a 3 inch to 10 inch pinwheel. You can use double sided paper, acetate paper and solid paper. 

  • 2 Punch corners Align Scrapbook Paper

    Open the cutting arm and line paper up in the corner to punch. Punch all 4 corners. 

  • 3 Cut all four corners Cut Corners of Paper Pinwheel

    Next, line one corner up on the white guide according to the size pinwheel you are making. Close the arm keeping the paper aligned on the guide. When you close the arm, it will punch the center of your pinwheel. Keeping the arm down, take the red blade tool and line it up on the track. Starting from the top, cut down until the blade stops. Turn your paper and align the next corner to the guide. Do this until you have cut all 4 corners. 

  • 4 Cut your coordinating paper Cut Your Scrapbook Paper

    Take your next color of paper you have (cut to the same size – 6 x 6 inch) and punch the four corners. Line up your paper to the red guide and close the arm. Take your blade and cut all four corners like in step 3. 

  • 5 Layer the paper together Layer the Scrapbook Paper

    Layering the paper together - this is where it can get tricky. The sheet of paper that you cut using the red guide will go on the bottom. The paper you cut using the white guide will go on top. Twist the paper a little and bring the bottom color forward at each corner to intertwine the papers. Now you are ready to add to the pinwheel mechanism. 

  • 6 Assemble the pinwheel Assemble the Pinwheel

    Assemble the pinwheel attachment as directed on the package. Push the stem through the back of the paper. Start with grabbing the corners adding them to the stem. Make sure you attach them in order. Once all corners are added, push the cap on. You can decorate the cap (center of the pinwheel) with a gem, button, enamel dot, or small circle punched from paper.