Vinyl Decal Mugs

Vinyl Decal Mugs

What You'll Need:

Tall Mug
Coffee Mug
Oracal® Glossy Mint Green Sheet
Oracal® Glossy Metallic Gold Sheet
Oracal® Glossy Pink Sheet
Darice® Die Cut Anchor
Cuttlebug® or Embossing Machine of Choice
Metallic Gold Spray Paint
Painter's Tape


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Vinyl Decal Mugs

*For decorative use only

Spice up your space with your very own Vinyl Decal Mugs! Although for decorative use only, these decal mugs are a colorful touch for any space.
  • 1 Paint handles

    Use the newspaper and painter's tape to mask off the mugs from their handles. Spray paint the handles gold and let dry completely. May need two coats for full coverage. 

  • 2 Cut vinyl sheets

    Cut a 4"x6" section from each of the vinyl sheets.  

  • 3 Select die cuts

    Select the die cuts. Position the die cuts on the vinyl sheet between the B and C plates. 

  • 4 Peel and stick shapes

    Peel and stick the vinyl shapes onto the mugs.