Wooden Craft Stick Bracelets

Wooden Craft Stick Bracelets

What You'll Need:

Jumbo Craft Sticks
20lb Bamboo or Hemp Cord
Mod Podge
Scrapbook Paper
Single Hole Punch
Needlepoint Needle
Wooden Beads
Paint Brush
Hot Glue
Warm Water
Shallow Container or Pan
Sturdy Plastic Cup, Bottle or Can Between 2" - 2 1/2" in Diameter

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Wooden Craft Stick Bracelets

Kids will love having a wrist full of these colorful craft stick bracelets!  They'll need a little bit of help bending their craft sticks, but once the bracelet is formed they'll have a ball customizing them with patterned paper or wrapping them with cord to add texture. Keep in mind, due to imperfections in wooden materials, not all craft sticks will react the same way to excessive bending. It may take more than one attempt to make these bracelets.
  • 1 Soak craft sticks

    To form these wooden bracelets, place the craft sticks in a shallow container of warm water and let them soak for an hour.

  • 2 Bend the craft stick

    Gently bend the craft stick into a curved shape. If splintering or breaking occurs, dispose of the stick and try another.

  • 3 Let dry

    Once the stick is pliable, curve it around any sturdy cup, bottle or can. Tightly wrap the stick with rubber bands and let it dry completely. It should take approximately 2-3 hours to dry. 

  • 4 Cut scrapbook paper

    For the Mod Podge and paper bracelets, trace a flat craft stick onto any scrapbooking paper. Cut out the traced image.

  • 5 Brush with Mod Podge

    Brush Mod Podge onto the craft stick and firmly press the paper onto the bracelet. Brush more Mod Podge over both the front and back of the bracelet and let it dry.

  • 6 Punch holes

    Punch a hole in both ends of the bracelet.

  • 7 Thread cording

    Cut about 12" of cording and thread it through your needle. Insert the needle from the front to the back of the first hole and through the second hole from the back to the front.

  • 8 Add a bead

    Slide a wooden bead onto either end of your cord. Tie a knot at the end of the cord and trim off any excess. Tie a simple bow to secure the bracelet around the wrist.

  • 9 Punch a hole

    For the cord-wrapped bracelets, begin by punching a hole in both ends of the bracelet.

  • 10 Hot glue cording

    Hot glue the end of the cording to the inside of the bracelet, but be careful not to cover up the hole with glue.

  • 11 Wrap with cord

    Begin wrapping the bracelet with cord. To change color, hot glue the end of the first strand of cord onto the inside of the bracelet and trim off any excess. Hot glue the next color against the last one and begin the same process until the bracelet is completely wrapped.

  • 12 Thread cording

    Refer to steps 7-8 to finish the bracelet.