Bandana CD Covers

Bandana CD Covers

What You'll Need:

Sewing Machine or Hot Glue
Twine or Jute


Courtesy of Carolina Manufacturing
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make Bandana CD Covers

A CD with personalized songs or family videos and pictures makes a sentimental party favor or an ideal hostess gift! Once you pick the perfect memories to share on your CD, further customize the gift with a paisley or patterned bandana CD cover.
  • 1 Pick your CD

    Select a CD filled with your choice of music, videos or pictures.

  • 2 Cut the bandana

    Cut the bandana to the size of the CD case.

  • 3 Hem the bandana

    Hem the edges of the bandana so it can be inserted into the CD case. If you do not sew, simply fold the cut edges back and use hot glue to secure them.

  • 4 Wrap with jute

    Wrap the CD with twine or jute and attach a decorative gift tag.