Burlap Polka Dot Treat Bags

Burlap Polka Dot Treat Bags

What You'll Need:

Needle and Thread (Or Sewing Machine)
Acrylic Paint
Paint Dabber
Assorted Treats

Courtesy of Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes

How to Make Burlap Polka Dot Treat Bags

Whether you're passing out Halloween treats or giving festive fall gifts these burlap treat bags are the perfect container! Customize the color of the polka dots or ribbon and these sweet treat bags are appropriate for any season.
  • 1 Cut burlap

    Cut the burlap to the appropriate size. For this project we cut our sheets to measure 8-1/2” x 5-1/2”, but feel free to adjust the size depending on the size of the treat.

  • 2 Add a hem

    Put a 1/4” hem along one edge of your burlap. For a crisp hem, pin and iron the fold before sewing. The hemmed edge will become the opening of the bag.

  • 3 Sew sides & bottom

    Sew both sides and the bottom of the bag. Add support to the seam while preventing frays by sewing each stitch twice. Be sure that you are sewing your bag inside out, so seams won’t be visible on the finished product!

  • 4 Turn right side out Burlap Polka Dot Treat Bags

    Once all of your bags are stitched, turn them right side out and iron them flat.

  • 5 Dab with acrylic paint Burlap Polka Dot Treat Bags

    Use your acrylic paint and paint dabbers to embellish the sewn bags with polka dots. Don’t forget to insert cardboard into the treat bag to prevent bleeding. Paint each side individually, letting it dry completely before moving on.