Carols Corner Quilted Tote

Quilted Totes

What You'll Need:

½ Yard Jarred Vegetables
½ Yard Savory Recipes
½ Yard Asparagus
Craft Size 34" X 45" Cotton Batting

Courtesy of Springs Creative
Difficulty Level:Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Carols Corner Quilted Tote

Advance your sewing skills with a Caroles Corner Quilted Tote! This tote is the perfect size for any extraveganza; whether to the grocery store or even the beach! Jarrods vegetable fabric adds the perfect amount of color to make this tote a one of a kind!

  • 1 Cut jarred vegetable fabric

    Cut two 18" x 20½" pieces of the jarred vegetables fabric for the outer bag. Cut two 18" x 20½" pieces of the savory recipes fabric for the bag lining. With the asparagus fabric, cut two pieces 4" x 42" for the straps, one piece 10" x 20½" for the bag bottom and two 10" x 10" for the pockets. With the cotton batting, cut a piece 18" x 32" for the bag batting and two pieces 1" x 40" for the strap batting.

  • 2 Sew outer pieces

    Sew the outer bag pieces with the right sides together along the bottom, press the seam open. Repeat using the lining pieces.

  • 3 Pin layers together

    Layer the bag lining face down, the bag batting centered over the lining and the outer bag face up. Pin the layers together. Topstitch through all of the layers along the center bottom seam and 3" down from the top edges.

  • 4 Pin edges in place

    Turn under the raw edges of the bag bottom ½", press and center face up over the bag seam as shown in diagram A, pin in place.

  • 5 Pin pockets in place

    Fold the pocket pieces in half and press. Center the pocket and tuck the raw edge under the bag bottom as shown in diagram B, pin in place. 

  • 6 Top stitch strap

    Fold the straps in half, lengthwise wrong sides together, press. Open and fold the raw edges into the pressed fold and press again. Open, insert the batting and fold to create the strap. Topstitch the strap close to the edge of both sides.

  • 7 Top stitch bottom of strap

    Place the straps over the raw edge of the pockets and tucked under the bag bottom shown in diagram B, pin in place. Topstitch along the edge of the bag bottom to secure the bottom of the pocket and straps.

  • 8 Secure straps

    Topstitch up the straps from the edge of the bag bottom 10" to secure the straps and the pocket sides. 

  • 9 Stitch seams together

    Fold the bag in half with wrong sides together, stitch the side seams with a ½" seam allowance. Trim the seam to ¼". Turn the bag lining to the outside and stitch the side seams again using a ½" seam allowance.

  • 10 Create bottom of bag

    Fold the bag as shown in diagram C and stitch 2½" in from the point to create the bag bottom.

  • 11 Create decorative top edge

    Turn the bag inside out, turn the top edge under 1½" and press, turn under 1½" again and press. Topstitch around the top four times at ¼" increments to create the decorative top edge.