Initial Scribble Shirts

Initial Scribble Shirt

What You'll Need:

White or Light Colored Cotton/Polyester Blend Shirt
Fabric Markers
Letter Template
Freezer Paper

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make Initial Scribble Shirts


Show off your initial with some bright, colorful scribble! These Initial Scribble Shirts are the prefect project for a group of kids - after a little prep work from mom or dad they're simple and quick to make, but always come out looking cool.

  • 1 Print initial

    Print out an initial in any font to use as a template.

  • 2 Trace initial

    Trace the initial onto freezer paper, dull side up. Leave plenty of blank space around the letter to protect the shirt from any scribbles that go outside of the lines.

  • 3 Cut out stencil

    Create your stencil by cutting out the initial with an XACTO knife.

  • 4 Position & iron stencil

    Position and iron the freezer paper stencil onto the shirt. For letters like A, R and O, you will need to iron on the center section of the letter after the main piece is ironed on.

  • 5 Doodle, scribble or draw

    Begin doodling, scribbling or making a pattern with fabric markers in the blank space formed by the stencil. Don't be afraid pile on the scribbles.

  • 6 Peel paper

    When you're done scribbling, peel off the freezer paper. There should be a crisp edge around the letter.