Mia Country Flock Apron

Mia Country Flock Apron

What You'll Need:

1 Yard Packed Roosters Fabric
1/2 Yard Floral Texture Red Fabric
Basic Sewing Supplies

Courtesy of Springs Creative
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approxmiate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Country Flock Apron

Whether crafting or cooking, a Mia Country Flock Apron will keep the stains off and tools at hand to help you take on all your different tasks! With your basic sewing supplies and different pieces of fabric, in 2 hours you can have your own apron just by following these steps!

  • 1 Cut fabric

    With the packed roosters fabric, cut a piece 33" x 26" for the apron and a piece 6" x 2" for the belt loops. With the floral texture fabric, cut a piece 7" x 26" for the band, two pieces 4" x 40" for the waist ties and a piece 2½" x 40" for the neck tie.

  • 2 Fold, mark & cut apron

    Fold the apron in half lengthwise, mark and cut along the dotted line as shown in diagram A.

  • 3 Sew bottom of apron

    Sew the band to the bottom of the apron with right sides together.

  • 4 Stitch apron

    Zig zag or serge around the entire apron and band unit.

  • 5 Measure & fold fabric

    Measure up 4½" from the top edge of the band, fold with wrong sides together and press. Bring the fold line up to meet the top of the pocket line as shown in diagram B1 to create the self-pocket. Stitch the pocket in place as shown in diagram B2.

  • 6 Topstitch around apron

    Turn the edges of the apron under ¼" and topstitch completely around the apron.

  • 7 Fold & press fabric

    Fold all remaining pieces in half lengthwise and press. Open and fold the raw edges into the pressed fold and press again. Fold one last time in half lengthwise and topstitch near the edge on long side of all pieces.

  • 8 Cut & stitch belt loop

    Cut the belt loop piece in half, turn the raw edges under and topstitch them in place as shown in diagram C.

  • 9 Cut & stitch neck tie

    Cut the neck tie piece in half, sew to the apron as shown in diagram C. Turn the remaining raw edges under and topstitch.

  • 10 Sew waist ties

    Sew the waist ties to the apron as shown in diagram C. Turn the remaining raw edges under and topstitch.