Santa Tote

Santa Tote

What You'll Need:

Red Fabric- 1/2", 45" Wide
1 Yard Interfacing
Iron Transfer Paper
  -Silver Glitter
White Fur- 1/2" Yard
1/2" Yard of Fabric for Lining
Sewing Machine
Needle and Thread (Optional)
Cricut® Maker
White Chalk Pen

Tape Measure

Courtesy of our Fabric Blogger, Angel B.
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Santa Tote

Grab festive fabric, fur and a Cricut® Maker to create this easily adjustable and adorable Santa Tote! Once complete, you'll have the perfect accessory for holiday shopping, parties and more!
  • 1 Cut the fabric

    Cut the red outer fabric and the liner fabric to the size of the tote that you would like. Add a quarter inch around all of the seams. Cut two inches from the outer fabric and two inches from the outer fabric. Set the liner fabric aside.

  • 2 Cut the black transfer paper

    Cut the black iron on transfer paper to fit the tote. The tote shown has the black belt cut 3 inches wide and just long enough to reach the edge of the tote. This will need to be done for both the front and back of the tote. Iron in place.

    Note: Be sure to place the belt in the same position on the front and back of the tote so they line up when the pieces are sewn together.

  • 3 Cut the silver gliter transfer paper

    Cut the silver glitter iron on transfer paper to make the buckle. The tote shown has the buckle cut 1 inch wider than the black belt to have 1/2 inch on both the top and bottom of the tote. Only one buckle will need to be created for the front of the tote. Iron in place.

  • 4 Cut the white fur

    Cut the white fur to fit the bottom of the tote. Pin place and sew across the top and bottom.

  • 5 Pin the outer fabric pieces together

    Pin the right sides of the outer fabric pieces together. Make sure to match up the belt edges.

  • 6 Sew

    Sew around the top and bottom of the tote.

  • 7 Create the tote's corners

    To create the tote's corners, grab the corner and pull it into a triangle.

  • 8 Continue sewing

    Measure down from the corner a few inches and sew across. Make sure to measure both ends and sew the same distance from the corners on both ends. Measure and sew two inches from each corner.

  • 9 Cut off the seam corner

    Cut off the corner to the seam that was created.

  • 10 Repeat for the lining fabric

    Repeat steps 5-9 to create the lining fabric.

  • 11 Create the straps

    Take the long strap pieces and fold them in half, right-sides together, and sew down the edge. Turn the straps right-side out.

  • 12 Attach the outer & inner fabrics

    Turn the liner fabric right-side out and the leave the outer fabric inside out. Put the liner tote in between the two fabrics, lining up the seams and pin in place.

  • 13 Pin the straps

    Place and pin the strap ends in between the liner and outer fabric with the ends showing out of the top of the tote.

  • 14 Sew

    Sew all the way around the tote leaving a 4-inch opening to turn it. Be careful not to leave an opening for where a strap should be sewn on.

  • 15 Tuck in the lining

    Turn the tote right-side out and tuck the lining inside.

  • 16 Iron the tote

    Iron the entire tote, making sure to pay attention to the opening.

  • 17 Stitch

    Stitch all the way around the entire top of the bag. This will close the opening.