Team Car Seat Cover

Team Car Seat Cover

What You'll Need:

1 Yard NFL Licensed Fabric (Cover)
1 1/4 Yards NFL Licensed Fabric (Lining)
1/4 Yard White Solid Cotton
9'' x 12'' Felt Square
1/4 Yard Wonder Under®
1 Package of Mini Piping
2 Packages of Double Fold Bias Tape
4'' of 3/4'' Wide Velcro®
2'' Alphabet Stencils
Basic Sewing Supplies
Half or Cording Foot

Courtesy of Fabric Traditions
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 3 to 5 Hours

How to Make a Team Car Seat Cover

Do you live and breath your favorite sport's team logo? Now you can have your child represent your favorite team as well!  A Team Car Seat Cover will keep your child warm and cozy while cheering on your favorite team. 
  • 1 Cut fabric

    With the 1 yard of fabric, cut a piece 30'' x 36'' for the cover and cut four pieces 3'' x 9'' for the tabs. With the 1 1/4 yards of fabric, cut a piece 30'' x 41''. Cut a piece of solid white fabric 30'' x 6'' for the botom band.

  • 2 Add Wonder Under┬«

    Following manufacturer's directions, iron a 9'' x 12'' piece of Wonder Under® to the felt square. Trace the letters of a name backwards on the paper side of the Wonder Under®.

  • 3 Cut & iron letters

    Cut out the letters. Center them on the white 30" x 6½" band and iron in place.

  • 4 Stitch piping

    Stitch the piping to the top edge of the band, using a half or cording foot.

  • 5 Stitch cover

    With right sides together stitch the cover to the band.

  • 6 Pin cover

    With wrong sides pin the cover to the lining, having the raw edges even. Baste together.

  • 7 Cut & add Velcro┬«

    Cut the Velcro® into two 2" pieces. Separate the Velcro® and stitch one side to one short edge of the tab and the opposite side of the Velcro® to the opposite side of the tab. Repeat with the second tab.

  • 8 Fold & stitch cover

    Fold the cover in half from top to bottom so it measures 30" x 20½". Press along the fold line. Open out and stitch the two layers together in the crease of the fold line.

  • 9 Stitch tabs

    With the right sides stitch two tab pieces together leaving a small opening in one side for turning. Turn and press. Stitch the opening closed. Topstitch close to the finished edges.

  • 10 Pin tabs

    On the outside, pin the tabs to the cover, 8½" in from each side, centering them on the stitch line from step #7.

  • 11 Stitch tabs

    Stitch each tab to the cover tab ¼" on each side of the center stitching.

  • 12 Round corners

    To round the four corners of the cover. Fold the cover in half, find a rounded object like a lid or bowl. Place it on the corner and trace the shape. Cut along the line. Using the double fold binding, bind the outer edge of the car seat cover.