Fall Wedding Frame

Fall Wedding Frame

What You'll Need:

11x14 Shadowbox Frame
11x14 Mat with Opening (8x10 Photo)
8x10 Mat with Opening (5x7 Photo)
Cardstock (Various Sheets)
  -Dark Green
  -Light Green
  -Dark Blue
Cricut Maker or other Cutting Machine
Wedding Stickers
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Aleene's® Turbo Tacky Glue
Aleene's® Tack-It Over & Over Repositionable Adhesive
Reverse Tweezers


Courtesy of Debbie Y.
Difficutly Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: All Great Things Take Time

How to Make a Fall Wedding Frame

Wedding season is upon us and you can commemorate your special day with this Wedding Frame! Create beautiful fall inspired flowers out of vibrant cardstock and then add stickers to decorate.
  • 1 Prepare the frame

    Take the backing off of the frame.

  • 2 Attach stickers

    Position the desired wedding stickers onto the 11x14 mat and insert the matt into the frame.

  • 3 Position 8x10 mat

    Using a ruler, center 8x10 mat onto the backing that you removed from the frame. Make pencil marks at each corner to assist in hot gluing the mat to the backing. Do not glue the top portion of the mat as the photo will need to be inserted.

  • 4 Create flowers

    Using flower templates from Cricut® Design Space®, cut and roll approximately 30-40 different flowers of your choice. Use Aleene's® Turbo Tacky Glue to glue the flowers together. Use a pair of rever tweezers to roll the flowers.

    Refer to Step 9 for tips on how to make the flowers.

  • 5 Attach flowers to mat

    Glue the desired flowers that you have made from the cardstock onto the 8x10 mat as shown, being careful not to get glue on the inside edge of the frame where the photo will be inserted.

  • 6 Insert photo

    Insert the desired wedding photo into the frame and replace the backing.

  • 7 Attach flowers to wood

    Hot glue the flowers into place on the wood portion of the frame.

  • 8 Prepare frame for cleaning

    On the glass portion of the frame, use Aleene's® Tack-It-Over & Over following the instructions to the bottle to make "glue dots." These dots will allow the flowers to be easily removed when needed to clean the glass.

  • 9 Tips on making flowers

    1. Roll the flowers from the end and not the middle.

    2. Roll the flowers from right to left.

    3. Roll the flowers tight, then let unwind a little bit to give a more natural look.