"Love Grows Here" Succulent Planter

Two-toned mason jar with ribbon

What You'll Need:

Darice Pink Mason Jar
Two Colors of Chalk Paint
White Glitter
Oh So Trendy! Gold ribbon
Darice Thin Pink Ribbon
Darice Wooden Heart
Darice Paper Straws
Hot Glue
Paint Brush
Succulent Potting Soil
Darice Washi Tape
Mod Podge

Courtesy of Abbey from The Cards We Drew
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a "Love Grows Here" Succulent Planter

This adorable pink planter is the perfect non-candy Valentine's Day gift for teachers, grandparents, friends and more! Plus, you can customize this craft for any occasion, a green mason jar with a rainbow topper would be adorable for St. Patrick's Day and a clear blue would be a subtle, springy addition.
  • 1 Wash jar Pink mason jar with washi tape

    Start by washing your jar, then use washi tape to tape off where you would like your paint line to be.

  • 2 Paint below tape line White painted pink mason jar

    After it's taped, paint below the tape line with chalk paint. The paint dries quickly, and you will probably need about 2 to 3 coats for it to cover thoroughly.

  • 3 Cover with Mod Podge

    After the paint has dried, paint Mod Podge over the same area, and then cover it with glitter.

  • 4 Add succulent

    Once the jar is dry, add some potting soil and then add your succulent. For a no maintenance alternative use vase filler and an artificial succulent.

  • 5 Paint heart Pink wooden heart accent

    Paint the wooden heart with the second color of chalk paint. Use rubber stamps or handwrite, "Love grows here."

  • 6 Add embellishments

    Hot glue the wooden heart onto a paper straw and stick it into the dirt or vase filler. Wrap a ribbon around the jar.