Rustic Mason Jar Planter

Rustic Mason Jar Planter

What You'll Need:

Chicken Wire Planter Box
Set of 3 Mason Jars
Acrylic Paint: Steel Grey, White, Licorice, Mushroom
Greenery of Choice

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour + Dry Time

How to Make a Rustic Mason Jar Planter

Create your own Rustic Mason Jar Planter! This simple but natural looking planter will look great in any window or desk space. Add three mason jars and greenery to complete this piece.
  • 1 Paint the planter

    Paint the planter with a 3:1 mixture of the grey and black paint.

  • 2 Paint the mason jars

    Paint the outisde of the jars off white. Let tdry then add a second coat.

  • 3 Dry brush planter

    Dry brush white paint over the planter.

  • 4 Complete planter

    Place the jars in the planter and fill the jars with greenery.