Flower Pot Sticks

Flower Pot Sticks

What You'll Need:

Dowel Rods
CRAFT Glue Dots
Metallic Pony Beads
Glow In The Dark Pony Beads
Glitter Pony Beads
Silver Plated Beads

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minute


How to Make a Flower Pot Stick

Add some colorful decoration to your potted plants with these Flower Pot Sticks. These beautiful decorations give any green plant some excitement. Use your favorite colors and bead shapes to create decor that is unique to you.

  • 1 Put on silver bead

    Wrap a CRAFT glue dot around one end of the dowel rod, push a silver plated bead over the glue dot.

  • 2 Add beads

    Randomly slide beads on the other end leaving approximately 3" of stick showing.

  • 3 Add bead to bottom

    Wrap another CRAFT glue dot on the dowel rod and slide the pony bead pushing into glue dot to secure.