Stained Glass Blocks

Butterfly painted stained glass block vase

What You'll Need:

Glass Block
Gallery Glass Paints
Gallery Glass Liquid Leading
Paint Brushes
Rubbing Alcohol
Soft Cloth or Paper Towel
Aqua Pearls

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Stained Glass Blocks

Nothing is prettier than the sun streaming through your handmade glass block! It's simple to create a customized block, using your favorite template, that you can fill with fresh flowers all year long. We love these butterfly blocks, but what will you choose to create?
  • 1 Clean outside

    Clean the outside of the glass block with rubbing alcohol. Let dry.

  • 2 Position & secure template

    Position the butterfly template, or template of your choice, inside the block. Use masking tape to hold the template in place.

  • 3 Outline with liquid leading

    Lay block on its side. Outline all of the black lines with liquid leading. Let the leading dry completely.

  • 4 Fill with paint

    Fill divided areas with Gallery Glass paint. Let paint dry completely.

  • 5 Place aqua pearls

    Place aqua pearls into the glass block and fill it about half full with water. Let sit for several hours for pearls to absorb water.

  • 6 Arrange flowers

    Arrange flowers in block.