Grapevine Chandelier

Lighted grapevine balls

What You'll Need:

13" Lacquered Wreath
8" Grapevine Ball
3" to 6" Grapevine Balls
Wired Sisal Vine
50 Light Set
3 20 Light Sets
Wire Cutters
Clothesline or Hanger for Assembly

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Grapevine Chandelier

Light up the night with a romantic chandelier made from grapevine balls! Pick an assortment of sizes of grapevine balls, then string them on sisal wire and hang them from the trees, an umbrella or even inside for a magical, whimsical glow.
  • 1 Create vine loops

    Cut 2 sections of sisal vine 36" long. Gather together, fold in half and knot just below the center creating a loop.

  • 2 Hang vine loop

    Hang the vine loop from a clothesline or hanger to assemble the chandelier.

  • 3 Loop vine strands

    Separate the 4 vine strands and evenly loop them around the wreath. The wreath should hang about 10" down from the center loop. Wrap each vine around the strands to secure.

  • 4 Cut & tie sisal vine

    Cut 36" length of sisal vine. Tie an end around the knot under the top loop.

  • 5 String grapevine ball

    Slide the end of the vine through the 8" grapevine ball and bring the vine up to suspend the ball in place. Do not secure yet.

  • 6 Loop vine strands through grapevine balls

    Cut a 14", an 18" and a 24" section of sisal vine. Space and tie the ends around the wreath. Loop the vine ends through a 6" grapevine ball. Adjust the lengths of the balls until the wreath is balanced. Twist the vine ends around.

  • 7 Add lights

    Set a set of lights into each ball - 50 in the large ball and 20 in the small balls. Bring the cord up and twist around the vines and wreath. Plug them into each other.

  • 8 Attach to extension cord

    If hanging outdoors, use an outdoor extension cord to plug in the lights.