Hanging Grapevine Lamp

Grapevine covered Edison lamp

What You'll Need:

10" Grapevine Peek-A-Boo Basket
Edison Bulb
Socket with 8' Cord
Wired sisal Vine

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: Intermediate

How to Make a Hanging Grapevine Lamp

We love industrial style lighting, but what makes a hanging Edison bulb even trendier? A grapevine lampshade, of course! Our Hanging Grapevine Lamp is a simple way to shed light on a room, in the coolest way possible.
  • 1 Connect bulb

    Connect the Edison bulb into the socket.

  • 2 Cut, twist & loop vine

    Cut 4, 30" lengths of sisal vine. Take a vine and loop around the top rim of the basket and twist the end around the vine.

  • 3 Twist vine to secure

    Hold and center the light inside the basket with one hand, and twist the vine around the base of the socket and over to the opposite rim of the basket. Loop and twist the vine around basket rim and vine.

  • 4 Repeat Step 2

    Repeat Step 2 with the remaining vines. Light should be centered and held firmly in place with vines.