Personalized Holiday Frame

Monogram in frame with burlap and pine accents

What You'll Need:

Wired Ribbon
Pine Picks
Black Foam Core
Hot Glue Gun

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Personalized Holiday Frame

Put a personal touch on your Christmas decor with this monogram holiday frame! This easy to make frame is just what you need to make your front door festive for the season. Add your favorite colored ribbon, pine accents and an ornament, then hang it on any door or wall in your home.
  • 1 Cut foam board

    Cut the foam board to fit the frame opening.

  • 2 Attach the wood letter

    Hot glue the wood letter to the foam board.

  • 3 Add a ribbon hanger

    Cut a 12" length of ribbon, fold in half and hot glue ends to the upper back center of the frame for hanging.

  • 4 Wrap ribbon

    Cut 2 lengths of ribbon to fit around the upper left hand corner and the bottom right corner of the frame. Hot glue the ribbons in place.

  • 5 Add embellishments

    Hot glue pine accents to the upper left corner on the ribbon. Tie a small piece of ribbon and attach it below the pine. Hang an ornament from the pine.

  • 6 Add a spiraled ribbon

    Cut a 12" length of ribbon. Gather an edge by pulling the wire from it, causing the ribbon to spiral. Place the spiral form onto the bottom right hand corner and glue it in place.

  • 7 Add pinecones

    If desired, embellish with pinecones.