Ribbon Topiary

Ribbon topiary

What You'll Need:

Durafoam Ball
Wired Ribbon of Choice
Narrow Ribbon of Choice
Wooden Dowel Rod
Pine Springs
Red Moon Lights
Jute Wrapped Pot
Floral Pins
Hot Glue
Foam Block

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Ribbon Topiary

Floral and ribbon together make one beautiful home decoration! A Ribbon Topiary is a simple project that will make a room glow with holiday spirits! Whether you use it as a centerpiece or a gift, it'll surely put everyone in the holiday mood!
  • 1 Cut tulle & ribbon

    Cut the tulle and wired ribbon into 5'' long pieces.

  • 2 Create tulle & ribbon bundles

    Following the instructions for the Bowdabra®, layer 4 tulle pieces and 4 ribbon pieces to create the bundles. 

  • 3 Attach bell & secure bundle

    Attach a floral pin to a bell, push the bell into the center of a bundle and secure that bundle into the foam ball using hot glue. Cover the ball with all of the bundles.

  • 4 Add moon lights

    Wrap the ball with a strand of moon lights going between the bundles.

  • 5 Wrap & insert dowel rod

    Wrap the dowel rod with ribbon and insert it into the bottom of the ball. Use hot glue to secure it.

  • 6 Attach ribbon strands

    Cut 2 strands of narrow ribbon 12'' long. Fold all in half as one and attach to the bottom of the ball near the dowel rod using a floral pin and hot glue.

  • 7 Cut & glue foam

    Cut and glue floral foam into the bottom of the pot.

  • 8 Glue rod into foam

    Glue the other end of the dowel rod into the foam of the pot.

  • 9 Make more bundles & cover base

    Make more bundles using the tulle and cover the floral foam on the base.

  • 10 Arrange pine

    Arrange a few sprigs of pine at the base, around the tulle bundles.

  • 11 Wrap & tie ribbon

    Wrap ribbon around the pot and tie a bow.