Rustic Snowflake Bookend

Rustic Snowflake Bookend

What You'll Need:

Assorted Wood Blocks
Wooden Snowflake Ornament
Candle Lamp
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Rustic Snowflake Bookend

No two snowflakes look alike, and no two crafters will make their Rustic Snowflake Bookend exactly the same either! Personalize yours with your favorite pine picks and embellishments, then display it all winter long with the rest of your rustic decor.
  • 1 Create the base

    Using 2 wood blocks, create a flat base with an upright section. A side must be wide enough for the candle lamp, and the other needs to be large enough for the snowflake as pictured. Glue blocks down.

  • 2 Glue lamp

    Glue the candle lamp in place on the base.

  • 3 Glue snowflake

    Remove the hanger and glue the snowflake to the base, balancing on its 2 arms.

  • 4 Glue twigs & pinecones

    Using the above image as a guide, glue pine, twigs and pinecones to the back of the snowflake and top of the base.

  • 5 Hide with moss

    Hide the base of the pine and twigs by gluing moss over it.