Winter Woodland Centerpiece

Winter Woodland Centerpiece

What You'll Need:

10" Cylinder Vase
11.8" Faux Birch Bundle
Pine Picks
Burlap Sisal Bird
Linen Poinsettia Pick
Floral Foam
Hot Glue
Wire Cutters

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Winter Woodland Centerpiece

Want to enjoy a winter pinecone scene without freezing fingers and catching cold cheeks? Make a Winter Woodland Centerpiece that you can enjoy while you're warm and cozy in your home! This floral arrangement features beautiful birch, holiday evergreen and of course pinecones, plus it's a perfect decoration for your dinner table from Christmas until spring.
  • 1 Fill vase

    Fill the cylinder vase with pinecones.

  • 2 Create birch stick base

    Glue 3 birch sticks together, creating a base to work the rest of the arrangement on.

  • 3 Cut & glue foam

    Cut a 3" x 3" x 2" piece of foam and glue it to the center of the birch base.

  • 4 Cover base with moss

    Cover the base with moss, gluing it in place.

  • 5 Cut & glue stems

    Cut the stems on the pine picks in glue into the base as pictured.

  • 6 Cut & glue poinsettia

    Cut stem on the poinsettia and glue into place.

  • 7 Cut & glue additional birch

    If necessary, cut additional birch to shorten, and then glue it coming out of the pine.

  • 8 Glue bird

    Glue the bird onto a birch branch.

  • 9 Set birch arrangement

    Set the birch arrangement on top of the glass cylinder vase.