Cushioned Crate Chairs

Cushioned Crate Chairs

What You'll Need: 

Unfinished Wood Crate
Two Fat Quarters of Fabric: 21.5" x 18"
Fabri-Tac® Glue
Acrylic Paint to coordinate with fabric
Paint Brush

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Cushioned Crate Chairs

Looking for cute and easy-to-make seating that will add some spunk into your classroom? DIY Cushioned Crate Chairs are the perfect addition! Customize these chairs to your liking and your students will never want to leave the classroom! Make your own crate chairs today. 

  • 1 Cut foam

    Cut foam to 13" x 18".

  • 2 Iron fabric

    Iron the fabric flat. 

  • 3 Glue the 18" edges

    Lay the fabric face down on your work surface. Center the foam on the back side of the fabric. Place a bead of glue on one of the 18" edges and pull the fabric up the side and press into the glue. Repeat with the other 18" side.

  • 4 Glue the 13" edges

    Place a bead of glue along one of the 13" edges. Fold the fabric ends in, then pull the fabric up the side and press into the glue. Make sure your corners are nice and neat. Repeat with the other 13" side. 

  • 5 Cut fabric

    Cut a second piece of fabric to 14" x 19".

  • 6 Fold & iron fabric

    Place fabric front side down on your work surface. Fold fabric edge back 1" on all 4 sides, pressing with iron as you go to keep it in place. 

  • 7 Glue back of cushion

    Run a bead of glue on the bottom, around the entire edge of the foam and press fabric in place to finish the back of your cushion. 

  • 8 Paint crate

    Paint the crate to your liking to coordinate with your fabric cushion.