DIY Teacher Gift

DIY Teacher Gift

What You'll Need:

Unfinished Wood Panels - 10x10
White Card Stock - 12x12
Scotch Expressions Masking Tape - Yellow Ruler
Chevron Washi Tape - Raven Black
Black and White Baker's Twine
Permanent Tape Ruler
Cricut Explore (or similar cutting machine)
Courtesy of Sweet Rose Studio
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a DIY Teacher Gift

Looking for the perfect, unique craft to give your favorite teacher? This DIY Teacher Gift would be an adorable way to show how much you appreciate your favorite teacher! This project will shine bright and add that "homey" feel to their decor!
  • 1 Cut large apple base

    Cut the large apple base with cutting machine from the white card stock.

  • 2 Press yellow ruler masking tape

    Starting in the center of the apple, press the yellow ruler masking tape on the apple cut out until entire apple is covered. 

  • 3 Trim excess tape

    Trim the excess tape off from around the edges of the card stock. 

  • 4 Place chevron washi tape

    Place the chevron washi tape across the apple in pattern of your choice. 

  • 5 Tape back onto wood base

    Apply a healthy amount of permanent tape roller to the back of the completed apple and press it firmly to the wood base. 

  • 6 Cut and wrap Baker's Twine

    Cut a 12 ft. length of Baker's Twine and wrap it around the wood case until you can tie it off with a bow on the front.